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Demolitions experts help take down structures that are no longer needed. Demolitions experts are employed in oil and gas careers. Demolitions experts are often needed to loosen earth and break apart huge rocks in order to more easily access oil and petroleum deposits. Hand-held tools and equipment are often used, although some experts use explosives. Demolitions experts in oil and gas careers require specific skills and experience that can usually only be obtained on the job. There is no class or degree that can teach individuals everything they need to know. Because demolition is largely hands-on, watching others demolish buildings and seeing how it is done is the best experience. A high regard for safety and the ability to work under stressful conditions is absolutely necessary as injury or even death can result from carelessness and lack of knowledge regarding safe equipment handling procedures.

Demolitions experts in oil and gas careers often use explosives, such as dynamite. For those who use explosives, there are many steps involved. First, the demolitions expert examines the area to be destroyed. This helps the expert determine how many explosives to use and where to place them. These oil and gas careers require a great deal of skill. Using too much explosive can result in a dangerous situation. Demolitions experts use markings to show where the explosives should be placed and then drill holes and insert the explosives. Before detonating the explosives, the demolitions expert makes sure the area is clear of other workers and equipment.

The best way to start a career as a demolitions expert in oil and gas careers is to enter an apprenticeship program. These can be found in technical schools. An apprenticeship program may consist of classroom study as well as work experience that may or may not be paid. Students interested in oil and gas careers may start off as laborers who assist with the preparation of the demolition sites. These students shadow the work of others and learn by watching how experienced demolitions experts in the petroleum industry deal with individual situations. Then, as the students gain experience, they can start using fundamental demolition techniques that they will use regularly in oil and gas careers. A solid foundation in basic construction techniques, carpentry, and engineering is recommended. Classes in math, science, and electronics are preferred. A demolitions expert must also be able to use hand tools and power tools. For those interested in working in oil and gas careers, some petroleum knowledge is helpful.

Of utmost importance when working in demolition is safety. Demolitions experts must be able to handle working in dangerous conditions. For example, falling objects and asbestos are possible hazards. Demolitions experts must utilize correct safety procedures, such as wearing special clothing and using harnesses to prevent falls. Those working in oil and gas careers may need to be aware of oil spills or extreme weather conditions. Some demolitions experts may be required by their state to pass safety courses. In addition, a certification may be required. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires those who work with hazardous materials to become certified. For those who use explosives, a license is usually required as well.

Demolitions experts working in oil and gas careers may work irregular schedules. However, for the most part, demolitions experts in other industries work normal 40-hour weeks with occasional overtime. They work primarily outdoors performing strenuous work in often unsafe conditions. In addition to falling objects, demolitions experts must also be wary of extremely loud noise, which can damage their hearing.

Oil and gas careers offer decent salaries, and the job of demolitions expert is no exception. A demolitions expert's salary can range from $33,000 to $86,000 per year, depending mostly on experience. Those with several years of experience can expect around $47,000 while those with 10 years of experience can expect around $66,000. For demolitions experts working in oil and gas careers, salaries can be dependent on location with the higher paying jobs being in areas where oil is more abundant. Demolitions experts with high levels of experience demolishing skyscrapers can command millions of dollars, although this level of skill is rarely needed in the petroleum industry.

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Last Updated: 05/15/2014