Oil and Gas Associations & Journals

For those interested in oil and gas careers, it's a good idea to check out some of the associations and journals associated with the petroleum industry. These can be good sources of information for current news, jobs, and training opportunities. Many associations can be found online, and they often offer networking opportunities, such as chat rooms, forums, and resources that allow members to ask questions and converse with each other.

Many associations are geared toward engineers. This is probably because engineering, of all the oil and gas careers, requires the most education and certification. Because of this, associations tend to tailor their information toward helping engineers find new education and certification opportunities. These opportunities help the different types of engineers in this field - chemical, civil, and petroleum - keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies in engineering. The American Society for Engineering Education is an example of an association that focuses on helping those interested in oil and gas careers. This association offers continuing education opportunities such as conferences and workshops. The association also provides information about engineering colleges in the United States. The National Society for Professional Engineers offers information about ethics, education, and the licensing process. Other features of this association include an online magazine and a job board featuring oil and gas careers. The Society for Petroleum Engineers offers what is probably the most popular petroleum engineering certification program. This association offers a wealth of news and information about petroleum engineering. It also offers resources for publications, education, and careers. There are also technical resources and networking opportunities. In the networking area of the website, you can access all the petroleum industry information, including oil and gas careers, aimed toward graduates.

Oil and gas journals can be found online and in hard copy format. These journals contain comprehensive information about the petroleum industry. They are very informative, containing news stories about exploration, drilling, production, processing, and transportation. Many online journals also contain stock market updates, blogs, upcoming events, subscription services, past issues, and links to other resources. Of interest to many are the featured oil and gas careers. Many journals offer job search information and networking opportunities such as forums and event calendars showcasing upcoming seminars, tradeshows, and classes. One of the most popular journals, aptly titled Oil and Gas Journal , also offers webcasts, a bookstore, and the opportunity for subscribers to submit articles about the petroleum industry in hopes of publication. There is also a section called Research that shows reports, statistics, directories, and surveys.

The Journal of Petroleum Technology is another popular petroleum journal that offers a wealth of information for those in oil and gas careers. Available both online and in hard copy format, this journal is produced by the Society for Petroleum Engineers (SPE). It focuses on articles about well testing, drilling technology, and offshore facilities. The Professional Services section features advertisements from companies in the petroleum industry throughout the world. This is a good way for those interested in oil and gas careers to find companies that may be interested in their background and education.

Many more associations and journals can be found online. While the main purpose of most associations is to offer information about oil and gas careers as well as training opportunities, journals tend to focus on publishing in-depth articles about the petroleum industry. While both are extremely helpful and offer many advantages to those interested in oil and gas careers, associations offer more networking opportunities and ways to keep up with current trends. Success in the petroleum industry depends on using all the resources available to you in order to continually learn and advance in your career.

Last Updated: 05/15/2014